Namkeen Processing Machine

  1. A namkeen processing machine refers to a machine specifically designed for processing namkeen snacks. While there are various types of namkeen processor machines available, here is a general overview of the key components and functionalities you might find in such a machine:

    1. Mixing Chamber: A namkeen processor typically has a mixing chamber where the various ingredients are combined. It may have multiple compartments or sections to accommodate different ingredients and allow for mixing.

    2. Conveyor System: The machine may feature a conveyor belt or system to carry the mixture through different stages of processing. The conveyor helps in achieving uniform mixing and transfer of the mixture to subsequent processing units.

    3. Extrusion or Shaping Mechanism: Namkeen snacks often come in different shapes and sizes. A namkeen processor machine may include an extrusion or shaping mechanism that shapes the mixture into desired forms, such as sev (thin noodle-like strands), bhujia, or small pellets.

    4. Frying Unit: Namkeen snacks are typically fried to achieve a crispy texture. A namkeen processor machine may have an integrated frying unit where the shaped snacks are fried. The frying unit is equipped with heating elements, temperature control, and mechanisms for oil circulation to ensure even frying.

    5. Flavoring System: After frying, the namkeen snacks are often coated or seasoned with spices, salt, or other flavorings. A namkeen processor machine may have a flavoring system that evenly distributes the flavorings onto the fried snacks. This system may include rotating drums, seasoning sprayers, or vibratory mechanisms.

    6. Cooling and Separation: Once the namkeen snacks are fried and flavored, a cooling system may be incorporated in the machine to cool down the snacks. It helps in maintaining their texture and prevents them from getting soggy. Additionally, the machine may also have mechanisms for separating excess oil or particles from the finished snacks.

    7. Control Panel: Most modern namkeen processor machines come with a control panel that allows operators to set and monitor various parameters such as mixing time, frying temperature, seasoning intensity, and conveyor speed. The control panel provides ease of operation and ensures consistent quality.
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    Namkeen Processing Machine

    Namkeen Processing Machine

    Voltage: 220-440 Volt (v)
    Color: Silver, Other
    General Use: For Food Processing
    Type: Snacks Extruder, Food Processors
    Feature: ECO Friendly, Low Noice
    Product Type: Namkeen Processing Machine
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Delivery Time: 45 Days
  2. Namkeen Making Machine

    Namkeen Making Machine

    Supply Ability: 20 Per Month
    Delivery Time: 1 Week
    Color: Other, Silver
    General Use: commercial
    Product Type: Namkeen Making Machine
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Price: 28000.00 - 85000.00 INR/Piece
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